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Our Approach

When you come in as a first-time client, we'll take a few minutes to review your medical history, what's going on in your body, and what you're looking to gain from your massage experience. Then, through massage, we'll assess and address any issues in your tissues.

We combine two approaches in my massage practice: a Western medicine approach built around our extensive knowledge of anatomy and myofascial techniques that break up muscle tissue to promote blood flow and release tension, and an Eastern approach where we intuitively sense through our hands and let them guide us to help your body heal.

We meet your body at the level of pressure it's calling for. Our massages include stretching and work with range of motion, we are trained to use various tools including cupping, scraping, cold and warm stones to help get the results you’re looking to achieve. 


Kris Delgado, LMT, Founder & Owner

“I combine my background in anatomy and myofascial techniques with an intuitive and healing touch in order to bring relief to your pain and help your body heal itself. You'll leave your massage feeling restored, rejuvenated, and alive.”

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